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A Summary Of The Environmental Issues

One of the man concerns raised by large-scale commercial farming is the negative effect it can have on water quality. Pollution is a real and measurable result of farming operations, which are considered to be one of the biggest contributors to water pollution across the entirety of the US. The EPA tells us that most states have reported a considerable negative effect on water quality in their rivers and lakes as a direct result of agriculture.

Much of the pollution is due to the large amounts of animal wasted produced by large farming operations every day. Currently, animals waste outnumbers human waste in the US by a ratio of approximately 5:1. The negative effects of this waste on both the environment and public health in general is considerable and extremely difficult to measure.

Some Of The Negative Effects Of Animal Waste

Animal waste can devastate the bio-diversity in areas in close proximity to commercial farming operations. The entire food chain in a local eco-system can be effected. Fish, birds, insects and plants are all at risk. As is every other species that feeds on them.

Also at risk are humans and larger animals. The chemicals contained in animal waste can be highly damaging to our health. In some cases they can be fatal, especially to individuals who are weak or sick already, as well as young children. Contamination of both human and animal drinking water supplies is a huge issue caused by the dumping of animal waste from the agricultural industry. Outside of the water supply, airborne threats are also very real. Contamination can be spread easily this way, meaning that populations can be at risk even if they are not in close physical proximity to commercial farming operations.

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