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Pew Commission Final Report: Putting Meat on The Table: Industrial Farm Animal Production in America

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“McDonald’s, fast-food chains find antibiotic-free beef, pork hard to deliver” Chicago Tribune, April 2017

McDonald’s and other fast food businesses are feeling ever increasing pressure caused by more and more consumers wanting to eat only ‘clean’ meat. And meat that isn’t fed with antibiotics. Over exposure to antibiotics are causing them to become less and less effective, says the CDC. Commercial farming currently uses antibiotics heavily in raising beef, pork and chicken. McDonald’s claims that if the industry moves to quickly towards completely antibiotic-free meat then a serious meet shortly could be the result. Progress to remove antibiotics from chicken is moving at a rapid pace across the fast food industry, with big players such as Burger King leading the way. However, the movement to achieve cleaner beef and pork is struggling to gain anywhere near as much traction.

“How Eating Less Meat Could Save You More Money” Market Watch, April 2017

According to Market Watch, more and more Americans are slowly starting to eat meat less and less frequency. As a nation the US now eats around 10% less meat per capita than in 2007. As well as the fact people just want to feel healthier, animal welfare and concerns over commercial farming practices are big drivers of this movement. But so is money. Meat is getting more and more expensive, especially as consumers start to favor organic, free-range, grass-fed, pasture raised and generally ‘cleaner’ meat that is of course much more expensive to produce. With meat on the rise, and showing no signs of slowing down, this could be a trend that continues to gain strength.

“How To Build A Chicken Coop In Your Back Yard This Weekend Using Easy Do It Yourself Plans”, April 2017

Raising chickens at home for eggs and meat is becoming increasingly popular all over the US. One of the biggest costs associated with getting started with chickens is buying a coop that both looks like, and also provides adequate shelter, security and comfort for your chickens. Many people opt to go the DIY route though and build their own chicken coop following simple plans and designs available online for free. Check out these 10 chicken coop plans which can be built easily in your backyard over the course of a weekend, even if you don’t have any woodworking experience or a large collection of tools.

“Here’s The Beef On Grass-Fed, Pasture-Raised Meat, Dairy” Wisconsin State Farmer, April 2017

For ethically farmed grass fed and pasture raised meat, the future is looking promising. In some cases even vegetarians are reconsidering their choice to live life without meat. This article contains some interesting comments from small farmers in and around Wisconsin about why grass-fed/pasture raised is the future, and what some of their customers are saying about their meat.

“This Is Why You’re Seeing so Much Beef Jerky Lately” The Washington Post, April 2017

The sale of meat-based snacks, such as jerky, is growing at a rapid rate as diets such as ketogenic and Paleo gain more and more traction and start to gain momentum outside of the hardcore fitness communities, such as CrossFit. With people feeling busier and busier every day, snacks are slowly replacing full meals. And people want to know they’re snacking on good, clean, high-nutrition foods, rather than junk and empty calories. People are dropping the refined carbs and starting to recognize the benefits of high protein and even high fat diets. And the jerky industry is reaping the rewards.

“The Definitive Guide to the Paleo Diet”

One of the biggest drivers behind the general public’s growing interested in higher quality meat that is grass-fed, pasture-raised and antibiotic free is the famous Paleo Diet. But what exactly is this diet? This overview from Outside Online gives a great introduction and simplifies this subject for anyone wanting to try it themselves or just learn more. Included are some very helpful – any eye-opening- Paleo diet food pyramids. These are drastically different to the typical USDA recommended food pyramids.

Pew Commission Report: The Negative Effects Of Large Commercial Animal Farming Operations On Public Health, Rural Communities And The Environment Have Risen To A Level Which Is Simply Unacceptable

After an intensive research project lasting nearly 3 years, Q2 of 2008 thePew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production (PCIFAP) released a full report on the findings of its in-depth study. In summary, our Industry Farm Animal Production systems and processes are causing unnecessary and unacceptable risks in a number of key areas – primarily public health, farm animal welfare and also the environment as a whole.

Change is not occurring at the necessary rate, and serious shifts in the direction animal agriculture is moving are required. The current standards are causing almost immeasurable damage and pose risks which just cannot be justified.


The full report, including all recommendations made by the commissioners, can be read here.